Addressing the Challenges of Position Sensor Solutions in Safety Critical Automotive Applications

  • Webinar Date

    January 25, 2017

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT/ 11am ET

Webinar Overview

As automobiles evolve, design engineers are continuously calling for components that offer increased performance and flexibility. Further still are the requirements that these devices be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications. While traditional position sensing technologies have their strengths, the development of inductive sensing technology offers solutions to the technical challenges and needs of today’s demanding automotive electronics. The design flexibility of this type of sensing technology makes it a robust and cost effective solution for many automotive applications. This is particularly true for sensors and other feedback electronics that are required to make cars safer, more fuel-efficient, and emissions friendly. This talk will discuss position sensor challenges such as the issue of stray fields, harsh environments, installation space, mechanical tolerances, as well levels of accuracy performance for safety critical applications such as electronic power steering (EPS) and electrical motor control to meet new safety and efficiency regulations.

Presenter Bios:

Jan Leuckfeld is Product Line Director Automotive at IDT. In his role he is responsible for the operative management of the Product Line. Jan has 15+ years experience in the international automotive and semiconductor industry. He received a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany and a Master of Business Administration International Sales and Marketing Management from Landshut, German and San Diego, US.

Heinz Oyrer joined Integrated Device Technology in August 2016 as a strategic marketing and business development consultant for IDT’s Automotive and Industrial Division. In his 20+ years of semiconductor industry experience he has held numerous senior corporate, product and strategic marketing management positions in leading companies including SEZ Group, Lam Research, AT&S and ams AG. Heinz holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University Vienna, Austria and an Executive Master of Business Administration of the IMADEC University®School of Business, Vienna, Austria & McComb Business School, Austin, USA.