mmWave Antenna Design Made Easy in ADS

  • Webinar Date

    February 2, 2017

  • Webinar Time

    10am PT/ 1pm ET

Webinar Overview

For chip designers, planar antennas are easy to integrate. Yet, at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, new challenges in design and multi-technology integration surface. One such challenge is that at mmWave frequencies, radar applications such as gesture recognition and autonomous vehicles utilize different planar antennas and arrays, and that further complicates an already complex design process. This webcast provides today’s antenna and chip designers an overview on how to easily handle mmWave planar antennas in ADS software for circuit co-simulation. To better illustrate the process and its simplicity, an example of a planar array design at 60 GHz with chip-on-board (CoB) integration is fully explored. Antenna and chip designers will also learn the methodology behind the design process and be presented with multi-technology integration tips. 

Who should view:
Antenna and chip designers working at mmWave frequencies; especially those interested in multi-technology integration design.