New Technologies to Address Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis

  • Webinar Date

    Tue, February 14

  • Webinar Time

    2:00pm EST

Webinar Overview

Worldwide demand for wireless devices has been explosive, driving wireless providers to seek higher operating frequencies, wider transmission bandwidths, and innovative high-efficiency modulation techniques.

As applications migrate from crowded microwave bands to sparsely utilized mm-wave spectrum to accommodate wider-bandwidth modulation schemes and higher data rates, engineers must confront significant technical challenges, including difficult-to-achieve mm-wave power levels and RF power added efficiency (PAE), frequency and phase stability, and phase noise.  Similarly, engineers must deal with amplitude and phase equalization across GHz-wide operating channels, digital modulation and demodulation performance, as revealed through parameters like Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) and Adjacent-Channel Power Ratio (ACPR).

This Webinar addresses the emerging challenges posed by wide band, high-frequency signal generation and analysis applications and explores cutting-edge Test & Measurement solutions like VSAs operating up to 86 GHz (without external mixers) and up to 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth; and VSG’s combining real-time baseband coding with phase-locking for precise amplitude and phase control.  Attendees will emerge with a better understanding of the challenges and trends driving wireless technologies, and the Test & Measurement community’s responses to them.