Demystifying Vias in High-Speed PCB Design

  • Webinar Date

    Thu, March 23

  • Webinar Time

    1:00pm EDT

Webinar Overview

In PCB designs, vias are virtually everywhere and come in various types, whether signal, ground, or thermal vias, as well as through-hole, blind, and buried vias for manufacturing technology. There are even single-ended or differential vias for signaling purpose. No matter how the vias are classified, it is important to note that they play an important role in the PCB, especially in high-speed designs.

This webcast discusses the basics of high speed PCB via designs such as via pads, anti-pads, return currents, stubs, and crosstalk using electrical and Electro-Magnetic (EM) modeling approaches.

Who should view this webcast: 
PCB designers wanting to gain a greater knowledge of vias and how to properly utilize them in PCB design.