Advanced RF Silicon-on-Insulator Capabilities for 5G Front-End Modules

  • Webinar Date

    April 19, 2017

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT / 11am ET

Webinar Overview

According to 5G Americas, deployment of 5G Phase 1 Rel 15 will begin in 2020, with Phase 2 Rel 16 following in 2021. Innovations in 5G front-end modules (FEMs), including advances in PA, LNA and switch technologies and design, are critical for successful 5G hardware rollouts. This webinar explores potential 5G architectures, analyzes possible requirements for 5G FEMs, and examines strategies and techniques designers can use to improve PA, LNA and switch performance to meet 5G FEM specifications using an advanced RF silicon-on-insulator technology, 45RFSOI.


  • 5G architectures overview
  • Potential FEM specifications
  • Introduction to 45RFSOI
  • FEM demonstrator designs (Ka band PA, switch and LNA) using 45RFSOI
  • Summary


Presenter Bio:
Chaojiang Li is a Principal Member of Technical Staff engineer in GLOBALFOUNDRIES RF Design and Technology Support team. Prior to joining GLOBALFOUNDREIS, Chaojiang was a senior engineer at IBM Microelectronics.

Chaojiang’s design experience includes couplers, low noise amplifiers, switches, mixers, phase shifters, VCOs and power amplifiers, dividers and detectors for sub 6GHz WLAN/cellular wireless communications as well as X/K band satellite and 5G communication systems.