Advancements in Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Materials

  • Webinar Date

    April 26, 2017

  • Webinar Time

    10am PT/ 1pm ET

Webinar Overview

This webcast will cover the latest advancements in unique “Gaussian Beam” non-destructive testing (NDT) of non-metallic material measurement techniques. These techniques are used in both high speed in-process Quality Control (QC) and laboratory Quality Assurance (QA). The materials tested range from raw products to final deliverables such as: powders, resins, webs, prepregs, plastics, foams, honeycomb panels, resistive films, absorbers, and composite structures. Also included is the inspection for a range of defects such as: multi-directional material uniformity, moisture content, raw material consistency (e.g. powders, resins, and prepreg webs). Additionally, foreign object detection (FOD) for metal flakes, paint chips, grease, and plastics are discussed.

MWI Laboratories provides dielectric composite material characterization testing, engineering services, equipment sales, and rentals to customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil and Gas, Electronics, and Alternative Energy Industries.

QA and Manufacturing Managers with the need to reduce material sample sizes, Process and Test engineers, Military and Civilian Aerospace researchers, Aircraft Maintenance personnel, Automotive fabrication and repair facility personnel, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cell Phone, Circuit board, Oil and Gas industry personnel, government, academia and research institutions.

Jeffrey Peebles, Test Engineer, PM, MWI Laboratories
Jeff is co-inventor / President of MWI Laboratories and the unique RF test systems. MWI Laboratories is a faculty-spinoff from Arizona State University (ASU). Where it was a research / teaching laboratory and service center for more than 7 years. It has been a growing stand-alone company for more than 5 years. Jeff has more than 25 year in all levels of management and more than 34 years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of unique Gaussian Beam RF composite material test methods for non-destructive (NDT) in-Process quality control (QC), laboratory quality assurance (QA), and hand held test methods for field service inspection. Jeff is co-inventor on nine patents and another 5 pending which ranges from advance RF / EMI absorbing materials to non-destructive Gaussian Beam Polyrod antennas / Linearly Polarized Eddy current sensors and EMC antennas.