Webinar: Getting from a Model to a Real Product

New product design and development at RF/microwave frequencies is never routine or easy. Simulation using design software is a critical step in improving a new product design. There can be many pitfalls between software modeling and delivering a functional, reliable product to a customer. Benchmark's design and manufacturing engineers have been through the drill, from simulation to prototyping and manufacturing, many times across many frequency bands.

In this webinar, Benchmark offers advice on what to look for from RF/MW software simulation that may help reduce risk on certain design elements, material selections that may help improve performance, and even design considerations that ensure your product moves smoothly into manufacturing and test. Every design choice is subject to myriad considerations, especially as these systems must process higher-frequency signals through millimeter wave frequencies. Trust the engineers who have seen it before and can offer guidance on how to turn a schematic on paper (or on your screen) into a functional, realized product in hand that will deliver the performance you were hoping for.

Featured Presenters

Kevin Walker
Senior Director, Technical Business Development at Benchmark

Kevin Walker is the Sr. Director, Technical Business Development at Benchmark. He grows Benchmark's RF/microwave and microelectronics business, working closely with customers and our engineering teams. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and over 30 years of diverse industry experience. His experience ranges from thin film microwave circuit fabrication and high speed/microwave circuit materials, to commercial microwave circuit fabrication and assembly, implantable medical device assembly, and military microwave interconnect products.

Zack Donathan
Electrical Engineer II at Benchmark

Zach Donathan is an Electrical Engineer II at Benchmark’s Center of Excellence for RF/Microwave and Microelectronics in Phoenix, Arizona. He works with aerospace, defense, and advanced communications customers to get products from early technology development, through design, and into new product launch. Zach holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Marshall University.

Raghav Kapur
Publisher & Editor at everything RF

Raghav Kapur is the Publisher and Editor at everything RF. He is responsible for curating the content published on both the website and the print magazine. Raghav holds a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.