Benefits of Outfitting Your Lab with Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNAs

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Webinar Overview

Dr. Allen Katz presented how his lab at The College of New Jersey uses USB VNAs. Interested in hearing more about Dr. Katz and his RF program? Watch the webinar to hear about the 2-port measurements, S parameters, impedance matching and the design projects his students participate in.

  1. Our USB VNA delivers equal or better performance than a conventional VNA with similar specifications, and has vastly fewer potential points of failure. You can outfit a full lab with new USB VNAs on a budget for one traditional instrument.

  2. Measurement setup and results post-processing can be accomplished outside the lab on the students' PC, and results can be easily exported into various formats for creating reports and writing papers.  

  3. The VNA software may be downloaded on multiple students’ laptops at no cost from our website and then connected to the VNA hardware when they need to make measurements.  All their test results are then saved on their own PCs.

  4. CMT offers educational discount of 10%

  5. Copper Mountain Technologies' USB VNAs are used by researchers and students at many universities around the world, including The College of New Jersey, University of Oklahoma, McMaster University, Florida State, Georgia Tech, MIT and Johns Hopkins.

  6. We received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Product Leadership Award in the USB VNA category for making high performance affordable VNAs.

  7. With no on-board PC, you are not locked into a 10-15-year-old computer. Your students and researchers can use any computer that has the right internet connectivity, security protocols, etc. You can easily take advantage of the newer and faster processors, better display capabilities, and other current and new PC capabilities.