Improved Antenna Pattern Accuracy of a Benchtop Real-Time Measurement Solution with Upcoming Extensions to X-Band, Ku-Band and mmWave

  • Webinar Date

    November 29, 2017

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT / 11am ET

Webinar Overview

EMSCAN’s RFxpert is a benchtop very-near-field test system that is able to accurately measure radiated power and efficiency for antennas. This system allows designers to easily and quickly check antenna and wireless device performance without always needing to resort to a chamber. Advances by EMSCAN are pushing the frequency range of this system up to 20 GHz and soon into the mmWave region. At these frequencies a completely new family of solver based on method of moments will improve the resulting pattern accuracy including phase accuracy. This presentation will discuss the performance of the 20 GHz system and show how the new solver is already being applied to sub 6GHz measurements to accurately evaluate antenna performance in seconds.

Presenter Bio:

Ruska Patton is responsible for the evolution of EMSCAN's real-time very-near-field measurement solutions. Having started with EMSCAN as Design Engineer and then Manager of the Design Group, Mr. Patton now leads the development of new EMSCAN solutions from concept through to successful products in market. Mr. Patton has authored academic papers, presented seminars and holds several patents related to near-field scanning.