Specifications to Consider When Choosing High Performance Probes: Not all Oscilloscope Probes are Created Equal

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    September 12, 2018

Webinar Overview

Why this Webcast is Important:
Modern high speed digital applications have pushed the limit of high bandwidth and high-performance probing solutions. As the bandwidth of your system increases, the edge speed of the signal gets faster, the size of the chipsets and components tends to be smaller, and the PCB layout becomes more complex. These trends pose challenges for probing solutions and there are more things to consider when choosing a high-performance probe than with a lower-bandwidth, general purpose probe. The higher the performance, the more care is needed when choosing a probe for your application. The webcast will cover the key specifications to consider when choosing a high-performance oscilloscope probe. It will also provide real-world examples and cover some of the challenges you may encounter when using high-performance probes.
Jae-yong Chang
Product Planner for oscilloscopes probes and accessories
Keysight Technologies