4 Gearing Technologies in Linear Applications & When To Use Them

  • Webinar Date

    Thursday, May 10, 2018

  • Webinar Time

    2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Webinar Overview

Are you aware that a robot output flange is ideal for high tilting capacity?
Have you considered a better way to connect your index-table, lever-arm or pinion-gear to your gearbox reducer?
Did you know there is an alternative output mating connection aside from a key or clamp connection?
The number of benefits from rotary output flanges can make all the difference for you on your next install.
In this Webinar, we’ll be presenting 4 different gearing technologies, each reducer solution offers diverse ranges of capabilities, functionalities and performance - delivering the best solutions for flanged output applications.
Roberto Vasquez
Supervisor, Technical Product Support
Diequa Corporation
Roberto has been an Application Engineer at DieQua Corporation 9 years. His background is predominantly mechanical but over the years has learned more and more about AC induction type motors, servo and stepper motors as well as simple DC brushless type.
Tom Kahn
Product Manager
Diequa Corporation
Tom’s product management experience includes working with internal and external sales groups, as well as channel partners, to develop strategies and programs for new product roll out and sales activities with customers, distributors and systems integrators.