3 PCB Manufacturing Trends You Must Know About to Accelerate Your Electronics Development

  • Webinar Date

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018

  • Webinar Time

    2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

Webinar Overview

Faster innovation is what every engineering team is striving for. The speed of progress, however, can be hindered by how fast you can iterate through a prototyping cycle. Electronics prototyping is constrained by PCB manufacturing which is often opaque, slow and error prone. These problems can cause cost overruns, delay, or at worst full board re-spins.

Shashank Samala, VP of Product and Cofounder and Malcolm Knapp, Product Marketing Manager from Tempo Automation, will discuss the emerging technologies and processes that are making these problems a thing of the past. The introduction of software, new data standards and automation now make it possible to communicate design intent seamlessly, to configure factories at the touch of a button, and make the entire PCB manufacturing process more predictable.

During this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • How new standards are supporting high fidelity data transfer
  • How software-enabled transparency can eliminate delays, and optimize cost and lead time
  • How new manufacturing simulation technologies are enabling quick issue resolution

Tempo is the world’s fastest low-volume electronics manufacturer. Our connected factory is powered by proprietary automation software, creating an unbroken digital thread for delivering complex designs with unprecedented speed, quality, and transparency. Tempo is based in San Francisco and is the rapid prototyping partner for many cutting-edge innovators in aerospace, electric and autonomous vehicles, medical devices, robotics and IoT.


Shashank Samala
VP of Product
Tempo Automation

Shashank Samala is a Tempo cofounder and is the VP of Product. Previously, Shashank was instrumental in spinning up Square in New York City. While at Square, he was struck by how slow the hardware iterations for the credit card readers were (months to years), while on the software side, iterations were measured in hours. Determined to help electrical engineers build their hardware faster, he cofounded Tempo Automation. With Shashank’s vision, Tempo has built a robotic factory that can take electrical engineers’ projects from design-to-order-to-assembled circuit boards in hand in as fast as 3 days.


Malcolm Knapp

Product Marketing Manager
Tempo Automation

Malcolm Knapp joined Tempo Automation in 2018 with a goal to create more technical content and design resources for Tempo's customers and prospects. He has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and prior to joining Tempo he worked for over ten years in product development as an electrical engineer and product manager. Malcolm was also founder of The Engineer Accelerator, providing professional development courses and on boarding training to hardware engineers.