Sensors and Semiconductors: Testing Materials for Tomorrow’s Smart Devices

  • Webinar Date

    Thursday, May 09, 2019

  • Webinar Time

    2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Webinar Overview

Our panel of application experts will discuss three measurement applications where properties of new materials have influenced how measurements are made.  We will discuss measurement challenges and solutions centered around characterizing materials that will be used for creating the sensors, displays, and integrated circuits of the future.


Jim Bucci

Application Engineer, Tektronix

Jim Bucci is an Applications Engineer with the Keithley Parameter Analyzer product line at Tektronix. Jim joined Keithley in 2015 as a Test Engineer and has since worked with SMUs, Digital Multimeters, Parameter Analyzers, and Production Semiconductor Testers. Prior to joining Keithley, he worked as an engineer at National Instruments and studied and earned a BS in Electrical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Bradley Odhner

Applications Engineer, Tektronix

Bradley Odhner is an Applications Engineer for the Keithley Instruments product line at Tektronix. He worked closely on the development of the 4200A-SCS and the CVIV multi-switch and was responsible for many of the 4200A-SCS’ over 450 application focused tests including the characterization of memory and other transistor reliability tests. He is currently responsible for customer applications of Keithley SourceMeters® instruments and DMMs. He has a BA in Physics from Case Western Reserve University where he researched 2-D material transistors.

Hanna Al Fahel,

Applications Engineer, Tektronix

Hanna Al Fahel is an Applications Engineer at Tektronix who supports the Keithley 4200A and Tektronix AFG product lines. While at Keithley, Hanna has held positions in Test Engineering and Applications. He provides technical support as the subject matter expert for newly-developed products, released models, and early product development activities. Prior to Tektronix, Hanna spent more than five years in the light-emitting diode (LED) industry where he designed and tested various LED designs for the consumer and commercial industries. Hanna holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from John Carroll University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University.