EDI CON Online DAY 1 KEYNOTE: The Two Pillars of 5G: Energy and Spectral Efficiency

  • Webinar Date

    September 10, 2019

  • Webinar Time

    7am PT / 10am ET

Webinar Overview

The session discusses the twin pillars of 5G deployment by operators: spectral efficiency (capacity) vs. energy efficiency (cost). We try to answer the question of how to increase network capacity while at the same time decreasing the network cost for both 5G FR1 and FR2 wireless networks. We explore both traditional methods of increasing capacity as well as newer methods based on old radar technology that can increase capacity while decreasing costs.

Presenter Bio:
Corbett Rowell is a Senior Development Expert in OTA and antenna measurement solutions at Rohde & Schwarz. Prior to joining Rohde & Schwarz, Corbett was an electrical engineering professor in Kazakhstan and an adjunct professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for two years; an R&D director at China Mobile Beijing, responsible for development of massive MIMO systems for 4.5G and 5G FR1; an R&D director at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute for almost a decade, where he focused on advanced RF systems; and an entrepreneur who founded two successful startups. At Rohde & Schwarz, he was Inventor of the Year in 2018 and developed three new CATR systems for 5G FR2.