EDI CON Online: Millimeter Wave LTCC Components Today

  • Webinar Date

    September 10, 2019

  • Webinar Time

    10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

Webinar Overview

Recent advances in material systems, circuit topologies, material modelling, simulation tools and test instrumentation have opened a new world of possibilities for LTCC components. In this workshop, we present new designs and test results for LTCC components supporting applications into the millimeter wave bands. Examples include substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filters, distributed filters, and transformers. A patented LTCC packaging solution allowing the first surface-mount implementations of MMIC products above 40 GHz will also be presented with recent examples and test results.

Presenter Bio:
Aaron Vaisman B.Sc. degree from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, 2007; M.Sc. from Columbia University in the city of New York, 2009. Mr. Vaisman is the LTCC Product Line Manager at Mini-Circuits where he has previously held several design positions since he joined the company in 2010. As a designer, he has been mainly involved in the design of both: connectorized and surface mount passive components in diverse technologies such as LTCC, MMIC, Thin-Film and PCB. His primary areas of interest and research include Millimeter-Wave passive components and interconnects, network analysis and synthesis techniques, EM simulation techniques, measurement uncertainty and statistical analysis. His design experience ranges from HF to V frequency bands, and he has been awarded three patents in some of the above mentioned fields, with others pending approval. As a the LTCC product line manager, Mr. Vaisman has, among other things, been guiding the investment in the technology’s development, shaping the pipeline and creating the roadmap of products resulting in market share growth, leadership and relevance of its offerings.