EDI CON Online: mmWave Will Be The Critical 5G Link

  • Webinar Date

    September 10, 2019

  • Webinar Time

    12pm PT / 3pm ET

Webinar Overview

5G IoT networks will require a new architecture with regard to radio integration with Edge Computing in order to satisfy the enterprise IoT automation needs of industrial customers. mmWave bands will be necessary to keep up with rising demand, so the industry is currently pouring money into deployment of base stations and development of client devices. The migration to mobile 5G usage will be tricky, with tradeoffs on beamwidth, link budget, mobility and cost coming into play. This presentation will provide an overview of how 5G and Edge Computing will need to converge before market growth can accelerate.

Presenter Bio:
Joe Madden is Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts Inc. Mr. Madden focuses on 5G and IoT vertical markets, leading a team of 6 analysts to triangulate on accurate market forecasts.

Over 28 years in mobile communications, he accurately predicted the rise of 5G Fixed Wireless, Small Cells, Digital Predistortion, and Remote Radio Heads. He validates ideas with mobile and cable operators, as well as hardware suppliers to find the match between business models and technology.

Mr. Madden holds a Physics degree from UCLA. Despite learning about economics at Stanford, he still obeys the laws of physics.