RF Fundamentals Part 1: Introduction to RF

  • Webinar Date

    May 6, 2020

Webinar Overview

Join us for a six-part RF training that will premiere on May 6, 2020, where Rohde & Schwarz technology experts will cover everything RF. We will start with a refresh on the basics of RF and will work our way through transmission characteristics such as impedance. We’ll then cover different types of RF components and their common measurements.

In later sessions, we will start by discussing signal models, thermal noise, and phase noise.  We will then move into the basics of digital modulation, including IQ representation and constellation diagrams. Next, we will show how to measure the quality of digitally modulated signals.  Finally, we will provide a brief introduction to Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) communication systems.

In this presentation, we will introduce some elementary concepts of electrical engineering to lay a foundation for understanding the topics to follow. We will discuss units, Ohm's Law, electrical power, Fourier representation of signals, and basic electromagnetic wave propagation.


Clark Conrad
Applications Engineer
Rohde & Schwarz

Clark Conrad is an Applications Engineer with Rohde & Schwarz based in Chicago and supporting wireless communications customers. He has a BS Eng. Phys. from the University of Toledo and an MS Elect. Eng. from Northwestern University. After spending 8 years as a hardware design engineer with Motorola, he has been with Rohde & Schwarz for 15 years supporting a wide variety of equipment, applications, and customers.