Is Your Digital RF Communications System Optimized?

  • Webinar Date

    Dec 10, 2015

  • Webinar Time

    1:30 p.m. ET to 10:30 am. PT

Webinar Overview

Digital radio systems operate differently than legacy analog systems. Although digital modulation alignments are similar to alignments used in analog radio systems, digital radios require more precise alignment to achieve optimum performance and must be verified for digital modulation performance. Proper alignment can maximize system performance and deliver the high performance it was designed to provide. Improper alignments can cause degraded digital modulation accuracy, which has a significant impact on the receiver’s ability to recover digital data and, in some instances, can affect range to the same extent as a 75% reduction in power. 

The webinar will feature: 
• A brief synopsis regarding how digital radio technology works. 
• The effect of analog alignment on digital radios. 
• Deviation meters and how they affect measurements. 

At the conclusion of this webinar, you will have a proper understanding of digital radio operations, the proper setting of audio filter parameters, and through the use of accurate deviation meters, your digital radio performance can be significantly improved.