5G Physical Layer Modeling: A Communication System Architect’s Guide

  • Webinar Date

    Thursday, February 4, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    1:00 pm to 2/4/16 2:00 pm EDT

Webinar Overview

5G researchers face a number of critical challenges, especially when it comes to physical layer (PHY) modeling and simulation. Issues exist across the entire communication chain—from the baseband to the RF/antenna to the channel—in end-to-end link level simulation. This webcast demonstrates an integrated cross-domain, model based simulation approach with which a system architect can execute realistic technical research and easily migrate from one concept to another. We will examine multi-antenna system architectures, advanced modem technology and millimeter wave wireless channel models with realistic system model examples and a new simulation methodology. 

Who should view:
Communication system architects and 5G technology researchers will benefit from this webcast. The webcast will also be of interest to RF system architects, DSP algorithm designers, system verification engineers and technology research organization managers.

Presenter Information:
Sang-Kyo Shin, 5G Product Planning and Application Developer, Keysight Technologies 

Sangkyo Shin is the 5G product planner and application developer in Keysight EEsof EDA division. He specializes in wireless communications and digital signal processing. He has been working as a system engineer and wireless application consultant for over 15 years at Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) contributing to various custom solutions and technical paper development. In the last 5 years, Sangkyo has developed the 5G reference IP library and authored over 30 application notes, seminar papers and 4G/5G simulation technical papers.