What’s that you were asking about oscilloscope probes?

  • Webinar Date

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

Webinar Overview

We are all familiar with them—oscilloscopes probes. We usually get one for free with each channel for the oscilloscope we purchase. Just plug the probe in and go, right? Well, not exactly. An incorrect probe or incorrect probing technique can cause faulty measurements regardless of the caliber of the oscilloscope being used.

In this webcast, we will review the common types of oscilloscope probes  available today - passive, active, voltage and current - and what the numbers on the probe datasheet mean. Understanding the probe specifications are key when deciding which probe to use. We will also cover proper probing techniques so that you can be confident in your measurement results.

Who should view this webcast:
Design and test engineers, technicians, and managers.