MVG Webinar - 5G and IoT Challenges & Testing Solution in Telecommunication Industry

MVG is pleased to present 5G and IoT challenges & testing solutions in the telecommunication Industry webinar. This webinar is presented by Mathieu Mercier, MVG's Asia Pacific Technical Director. We have been living in a digital world, becoming ever more connected. From the smartphone, smart home, wearable tech, and connected cars, to the evolution of connected infrastructure and commercial or even industrial environments. Wireless and smart connectivity continue to evolve in parallel as various wireless connected devices emerge on the market. To respond to this rapid transformation and growth in the test and validation stage of product development, flexibility is key, and state-of-the-art test equipment plays a vital role. MVG is proud to present this webinar to take you onto the next level of 5G and IoT testing and solutions in the telecommunication industry.

In this Webinar they discuss:

  • What exactly enables the digital world around us?
  • How does wireless connectivity work?
  • What enables IoT now?
  • What are the IoT challenges ahead of us?

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