Webinar: Antenna design essentials for SIGFOX Ready devices - Webinar HD

This webinar aims to answer the very important question of why you must not consider antenna design as a simple afterthought when designing a SIGFOX Ready™ wireless connected device. It is scheduled to coincide with the publication by SIGFOX of a white paper dedicated to this topic (to be released July, 7th). If you are in charge of managing the project of launching a SIGFOX Ready™ device but you are not a RF specialist, this webinar will help you to understand the key points about antennas to help you make the right choice at the very beginning of the design phase. We’ll help you understand what is important to reach "best in class" radiated performance for your SIGFOX Ready™ device. This webinar will not be an in-depth presentation of antenna design or manufacturing, or device design. The goal is simply to provide you with an understanding of the most important concepts to enable you to choose the best options for your device.

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