Power Amplifier and Front End Module Requirements for IEEE 802.11n Applications

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  • Author: David Guo
Customer demands for increased data bandwidth require WiFi Access Point (AP) and Customer Promise Equipment (CPE) to support IEEE 802.11n (11n) technology with peak data rates up to 600 Mbps. According to market research reports, almost all new WiFi products have integrated 11n technology, and the forecast for shipments of 11n equipment in 2012 is one billion units. In order to improve the mobile data traffic, 11n will be one of the standard features in mobile phones to address the high data throughput service, such as streaming video and gaming. In this article, we examine 802.11g vs. 802.11n, focusing on the requirements for the power amplifier (PA) or integrated PA front end module (FEM) in 11n designs.
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