Circuit Envelope Simulation: A Powerful Resource for 4G Power Amplifier Design

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  • Author: Josh Moore
Designers of RF power amplifiers for 3G and 4G wireless systems face conflicting challenges unlike those they have encountered before. For example, while today’s higher-order modulation schemes require exceptional linearity throughout both transmit and receive signal paths, wireless carriers require the highest possible efficiency at the system level. Optimizing a circuit for one parameter invariably requires sacrificing performance of the other. Combine this and other unavoidable design conflicts with demands for greater instantaneous bandwidth and designers indeed have a conundrum. Achieving acceptable solutions requires not just standard timedomain and frequency-domain simulators but the unique contributions of circuit envelope simulation as well. This tool is seamlessly integrated within AWR 2011, and together with Microwave Office™ and Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software, it can shave time from the design process while producing highperformance, manufacturable products.
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