The Evolution of Ultra Wide Band Radio for Wireless Personal Area Networks

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  • Author: Ketan Mandke, Haewoon Nam, Lasya Yerramneni, Christian Zuniga and Prof. Ted Rappaport
Ultra wideband (UWB) wireless networks are in their infancy, but are poised to become a valu-able component of consumer electronics and computer equipment. The IEEE 802.15.3a task group is currently developing a UWB standard that involves most of the major chip manufacturers, including Texas Instruments, Intel, Motorola, and Xtreme Spectrum. This article provides a snapshot of the current state of the UWB standards process. According to the present timetable, drafts are now being completed and the standards should be determined by 2004. We also discuss the benefits of UWB radio, the regulatory envi-ronment of UWB, and the design issues that WPAN standards makers must consider.
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