RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 5

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  • Author: Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal
The ever-increasing demands for more band-width, coupled with requirements for both high linearity and high efficiency create ever-increasing challenges in the design of power amplifiers and transmit-ters. A single W-CDMA signal, for example, taxes the capabilities of a Kahn-technique transmitter with a conven- tional class-S modulator. More acute are the problems in base-station and satellite trans-mitters, where multiple carriers must be amplified simultaneously, resulting in peak- to-average ratios of 10 to 13 dB and band-widths of 30 to 100 MHz.
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