Load Network Design Techniques for Class E RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers

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  • Author: Andrei Grebennikov
The switched-mode second-order Class E amplifier config-uration can be designed with a generalized load network that includes the shunt capacitance, series bondwire inductance, finite DC feed inductance and series L0C0 circuit. Based on theoretical analysis, this article examines the required voltage and current waveforms, and circuit parameters are deter-mined for particular circuits corresponding to: Class E with shunt capacitance, even harmon-ic Class E, parallel-circuit Class E, and Class E with quarter wave transmission line. The effect of the device output bondwire induc-tance on the optimum load network parame-ters is shown. The operating power gain achieved with the parallel-circuit Class E power amplifier is evaluated and compared with the operating power gain of the conven- tional Class B power amplifier. A load network implementation with matching circuit using transmission line elements is considered with exact circuit parameters.