Do We Really Need Broadband Everywhere Right Now?

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  • Author: Breed
Maybe this will sound like heresy, but I’m not sure everyone, everywhere needs a broadband connection. Sure, there are lots of people (myself included) who are getting big professional and personal benefits from e-mail and the Internet. My 1.25 MB/s ADSL connection is great, but faster data access would be even better! My point is that the social aspects of our lives don’t always require the latest communications technology. A story I heard explains the basic idea. I can’t remember where I heard it and can’t give proper credit, but with that apology, here goes: “I’ve got a new high-speed Internet connection. So does my brother, but not my elderly Dad. I take pictures of the kids with my digital camera, attach them to an e-mail and send them to my brother. I print them out, write a note, put them in an envelope and mail them to my Dad.
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