Diverse Applications Offer Balance for Wireless Convergence

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  • Author: Gary Breed
My recent comments on convergence generatedconsiderable response. Like me, everyone in the industry has an opinon on the path of con-vergence. We all want to know which platform, what services and whose transmisson formats and data pro-tocols will be the winners. I’ll return to this subject later, but first I want to point out the importance of other parts of this industry that remain diverse and independent. A couple readers mistakenly interpreted my notes on convergence as presenting the whole story of high frequency technology—which is definitely not the case! The discussion of convergence applies to the consolidation of mass communications features and services. That market segment is important, but is just one part of an extremely diverse high frequency industry. Commercial, military, medical and industrial applications have been grow-ing—and changing—as fast as the more visible consumer wireless com-munications. For an engineer, these diverse applications represent a chal-lenge that requires a broad range of knowledge rather than specialization. The “next project” is rarely just an evolution of the current one; more like-ly, it’s something quite different.
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