Those Clichés About Education are Often True

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  • Author: Gary Breed
You’ve heard plenty of clever sayings about edu-cation and the learning process. Each of us will have a different response to them—some are clichés, but all have an element of truth. Here are a few of the most common: Education is a Lifelong Process — That’s for sure! If we were limited to the topics taught when were in EE school, obsolescence would find us quickly. When I started college way back in 1966, there was talk of a shortage of engineers in the AC power distribution field, and Rotating Machinery was the subject of Junior Lab. “RF” meant radio and TV broad-casting, or maybe two-way radio systems, while “microwaves” was that esoteric specialty involving mysterious things like waveguide, traveling-wave tubes and klystrons, used in radar or wideband FM point-to-point communications. Optical technology was over in the Physics department and had little connection to electronics.
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