Engineering Education: Embracing Wireless and Moving Beyond

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  • Author: Gary Breed
The education of engineers with a specialization in the techniques required for high frequency design has not always been a straightforward process. In the past, a BSEE degree was followed by on-the-job training, both as formal training and less formal mentorship arrangements with more experi-enced staff. Later on, an engineer was usually sup-ported with short courses and seminars to stay abreast of current technology, sometimes with tuition support for graduate study. The process has changed for today’s engineers. The biggest change is that the on-the-job training portion of this scenario has been eliminated at most compa-nies. The investment in an individual engineer’s career through education is less important to a company—and is no longer supported by the government/military dominance of the industry that was present from World War II to about 1990. Instead, incentives (main-ly stock options) are used to encourage engineers to stay with a company and contribute to its success.
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