Upconverting LTCC Mixer Targets Instrumentation Applications

Test instrumenta-tion may need to accommodate sig-nals having a wide-per-centage frequency band-width. For ease of pro-cessing such RF signals, the input can be up-con-verted in order to reduce the percentage band-width. To facilitate upconversion ahead of higher frequency receivers, Mini-Circuits .minicircuits.com) has developed a high-performance passive mixer that allows origi-nal-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to opti-mize receiver design. The company’s model SIM-U742MH+ mixer is based on a combination of low-tem-perature-cofired-ceramic (LTCC) technology, semiconductor technology, and a highly manu-facturable circuit layout. The patented combi-nation [1] results in small size, high insensi-tivity to electrostatic discharge (ESD), excel-lent stability with temperature and is a part of a growing family of SIM mixers [2,3].
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