Simulating and Designing an RF Transmitter for Small Satellites

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  • Author: Mohamed Kameche, CNTS, and Samir Kameche,
This paper discusses the design and simulation of an RF transmitter for small satellites operating in the commercial S-band (2.2-2.29 GHz) with a data rate of 8 Mbps. In such systems, modeling frequency-dependent non-linear characteristics of complex analog blocks and subsystems is critical for enabling effi-cient verification of mixed-signal system designs. In order to provide efficient and accu-rate simulation for the transmitter circuits, simple macromodels for weakly nonlinear mixer and power amplifier are used in the sys-tem simulation. Also, we introduce noise into several circuits (frequency synthesizer, crystal oscillator, power amplifier, mixer, etc.), and we demonstrate their effect on the noise perfor-mance system. In the simulation we consider features of components and technologies com-mercially available.
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