Additional Tests on CDMA2000® Mobile Stations in Accordance with Standard TIA-98

Most of the tests specified in the standard TIA-98 that a CDMA2000 mobile station has to fulfill can be performed by the Universal Radio Communication Tester R&S®CMU200 without further assistance. Other tests, however, require additional instruments, for instance for generating interfering signals. Some tests of the standard TIA-98 need features that a tester optimized for production cannot offer, for example high dynamic spectrum analysis up to 12.75 GHz. This Application Note shows how to perform these tests easily with the remote-control software CMUgo, using the R&S®CMU200 in combination with R&S®SMU, R&S®SMJ, R&S®SMIQ, or R&S®SML signal generators, and R&S®FSQ, R&S®FSU, R&S®FSP, or R&S®FSL spectrum analyzers. New test items and sequences will therefore be included in the CMUgo software v1.9.8 to remote-control the R&S®CMU200, as well as the signal generators and spectrum analyzers. They are presented in this Application Note.
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