Assessing a MIMO Channel

Mobile network operators need to continually upgrade network capacity in order to cope with higher data consumption, keep their subscribers loyal and attract more subscribers from the competition.

MIMO technologies are an essential component of state-of-the-art mobile radio systems and are key to achieving extremely ambitious capacity goals that include providing stable data rates in the two- to three-digit Megabit per second range over a broad coverage area.

However, the effectiveness of these technologies is not always guaranteed. A channel state matrix can provide the information needed to determine whether spatial multiplexing is possible for multilayer data transmission.


The MIMO test solution from Rohde & Schwarz (four R&S®TSME scanners plus R&S®ROMES) measures simple but important indicators like the channel matrix components and calculates the rank and the condition number of the channel matrix. It measures the MIMO feasibility of the environment and estimates the data throughput based on key parameters.

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