Demonstration of BER Test with AMIQ controlled by WinIQSim

A test setup is described for easy demonstration of the Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) function of AMIQ/AMIQ-B1. The test setup contains I/Q Modulation Generator AMIQ/AMIQ-B1 controlled by I/Q Simulation Software WinIQSIM, Vector Signal Generator SMIQ and Spectrum/Vector Signal Analyzer FSE/FSE-B7. The FSE with FSE-B7 is used as online FSK demodulator (setting: Analog demodulation, FM Signal, DC coupling, Real Time On) to demodulate the SMIQ RF signal FSK-modulated by PRBS data. The AMIQ is controlled by WinIQSIM software and receives the demodulated AF output signal from the FSE for BER testing.
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