Generating a DVB-T2 Signal with Composite T2-Base and T2-Lite Content

Version 1.3.1 of the DVB-T2 standard ETSI 302 755 introduced the T2-Lite profile to ease the implementation of mobile TV services. This was achieved by minimizing the complexity of the required receiver and allowing side-by-side integration into existing conventional (T2-Base) DVB-T2 channels. For the purposes of testing the compatibility and performance of receiver modules, this application note describes how this type of composite T2-Base/T2-Lite RF signal can be simulated using one R&S®BTC or alternatively two instruments from the family of broadcast signal generators comprised of the R&S®SFU, R&S®SFE, R&S®SFE100 and R&S®SFC. Only one corresponding multiple profile T2-MI stream is required, either in the form of a file or via an external gateway.
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