GSM Mobile Tests under Conditions of Fading

GSM standard 11.10 prescribes a number of tests requiring measurements on mobile stations under multichannel conditions (fading). The combination of Radiocommunication Tester CRTP02 or CRTC02 and Signal Generator SMIQ allows cost-effective performance of the most important fading tests, in particular the tests according to sections 13.2, 14.2 and 14.3 of GSM 11.10. The aim of this application note is to familiarize the user with all the capabilities offered by the above combination of measuring instruments. The user should then be able to quickly generate and run his own fading tests using the IEC/IEEE-bus control commands described in this application note. To facilitate reading of the following, the testers CRTP02 and CRTC02 are referred to as CRTx.
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