I/Q Waveform File Conversion for Use with Precise Broadcast Signal Generators

I/Q waveform files contain the digital complex sample values of a radio signal. They can be synthetically computer-calculated for generating precisely defined contents, or they can represent the recording of a received live signal. The structure of these files has never been standardized, which is why so many different formats are in use today. R&S®IQ Converter and R&S®IQ Stream Extractor are programs that quickly and conveniently convert the contents of I/Q waveform files of nearly any structure into the I/Q format used by the R&S®BTC, R&S®CLG, R&S®SLG, R&S®SFU, R&S®SFE and R&S®SFE100 signal generators. This makes it possible for the signal generators to use their integrated ARB function to generate precise RF signals from nearly any I/Q waveform file.
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