Loudspeaker measurements with Audio Analyzers R&S®UPD or R&S®UPL

Audio Analyzers UPD and UPL with their large variety of functions provide practically all measurement procedures required in audio technology. Thanks to the Universal Sequence Controllers UPD-K1 and UPL-B10, which are available as options, the user is able to considerably expand the range of functions to suit his particular requirements. It is possible, for instance, to add complete measurement functions - eg measurement of ohmic resistance - and to read out, convert or reload sweep results or to add new scale labelling (eg group delay). Another example is the analysis of sweep curves and the display of results in a window next to the curve. As far as softkey labelling and functions are concerned, operation of the sequence control programs is analogous to the softkey control of the UPD/UPL graphics display.