A Guide to SMT Packaging of Microwave ICs

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  • Author: Liam Devlin and Andy Dearn
ICs are now available in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) packages at operating frequencies to beyond 40GHz. Whilst the upper operating frequency and achievable performance of SMT packaged Microwave Monolithic ICs (MMICs) has steadily increased in recent years this does not mean that ICs can be designed in isolation then passed to a packaging facility to be returned with optimum packaged performance. There are many pitfalls that can befall the unwary and probably chief amongst these is to design the IC first and to consider packaging effects only after acceptable RF On Wafer (RFOW) performance has been obtained. This paper discusses the effects of SMT packaging and how to optimise the performance of SMT packaged MMICs. A proven approach to achieving this goal is presented in the form of a case study of a 6 to 18GHz, 0.5W amplifier IC p
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