NTP and ACP Measurements to ETS 300 175-2 for DECT using Spectrum Analyzer FSE

DECT standard ETS 300 175-2 prescribes among others measurement of the transmit power and the unwanted power in adjacent channels. Following a brief introduction into DECT, this Application Note describes the standard-conforming measurement of the normal transmit power NTP and the unwanted adjacent-channel power ACP using a spectrum analyzer from the FSE family ( firmware version 1.63 and higher). Option FSE-B7 (Vector Signal Analyzer) is required for measuring the normal transmit power NTP since the signal must be demodulated for this measurement. Due to the wide dynamic range of FSEA20 and FSEA30, the adjacent channel power ACP can be measured without bandpass filters suppressing the transmit channel. Option FSE-B7 is not required for measuring the adjacent-channel power.
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