R&S®SME with Option DM Coder Hints for Using the Data Generator

A programmable data generator such as the combination of SME with option SME-B11 is a novelty with signal generators. To make it easy for the user to get acquainted with the option and to ensure efficient operation, possible applications are described below. The data generator is used for producing binary data as well as control signals for level switching whenever digitally modulated signals are used. For a start we should like to deal in brief with the various settings available for digital modulation. Taking GSM as an example, the programming of data lists will be described next. The description for GSM can be easily applied to other digital networks as well. Next the generation of level bursts and the extension of data generator memory with option SME-B12 are described. The last section deals with special subjects such as FSK using data rates below 400 bits/s and pulse-amplitude modulation. A basic knowledge on digital modulation and TDMA will be sufficient to follow the topics.
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