Simple Network Management Protocol - Remote Controlling for Monitoring Devices

An operator of a network of terrestrial transmitter stations wants to have the most cost-effective means of monitoring the network's numerous transmitter sites from a main monitoring center. Modern error sensors such as the R&S DVM50/100 and the R&S ETX-T are used for diverse monitoring functions at the individual transmitter sites as well as to transmit monitoring status to the main monitoring center. These error sensors have a function-rich SNMP agent designed specifically for this purpose. Simple network management protocol (SNMP). Despite the 'simple' in the protocol name, some users are still afraid to use it for remote control and monitoring. This Application Note therefore provides a user-friendly and practical look at, for example, how the monitoring functions via SNMP can be used for the R&S DVM. The following sections provide a brief look at the SNMP protocol, the R&S DVM/ETX implementation, and useful tools for working with SNMP. A description of how SNMP can be linked to various development environments (C++, C#, Java) is also provided.
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