Low Loss mm-Wave Monolithic SP4Ts

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  • Author: L.M.Devlin, A.W.Dearn, G.A.Pearson

Many of the emerging broadband wireless access systems operate at mm-wave frequencies where large allocations of spectrum are available. GaAs Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) offer a means of realising low cost, high performance, high volume, reproducible mm-wave components. This paper details two Single Pole 4 Throw (SP4T) switch MMICs covering 24 to 34GHz and 34 to 45GHz. The measured insertion loss of the switches is 1.1dB ± 0.3dB and 1dB ± 0.3dB respectively. The two die were fabricated on Triquint Semiconductor Texas’ (TQT) commercially available GaAs Vertical PIN diode (VPIN) process. Good agreement between measured and modelled performance was achieved.

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