3G/4G Multimode Cellular Front End Challenges - Part 1: Spectrum and Regulatory Issues

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  • Author: Kevin Walsh and Jackie Johnson

As consumers, we are used to the continual productivity enhancements derived from ever increasing computer like handsets at our disposal. For those of us lucky enough to have in-depth industry knowledge, we know full well the complexity of a system that can deliver near desk-like performance in the palm of your hand. Still, it helps to step back now and again to consider how such an intricate system actually works in order to appreciate the arduous nature of developing these state-of-the-art mobile devices. Much like the awe we experience
watching a jumbo jet take off—we may know how the basic interaction of forces occur, enabling the jet to break the sound barrier or cruise at an altitude of 30,000 feet, yet we’re still fascinated with how well it all works and how seamless designers have made it appear.

Similar to the jet analogy, engineers may know how these complex handsets, and the highly integrated systems they contain, function, but that knowledge do

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