Maximizing Throughput and Coverage for Wi-Fi and Cellular

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  • Author: Sebastian Rowson, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, Ethertronics, Inc.

Ask consumers and business users what improvements they would most like to see in wireless, and it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll say faster cellular or Wi‐Fi service, improved reliability or both. Delivering faster, more reliable wireless is an opportunity for vendors and service providers to differentiate themselves.

This white paper provides an overview of a powerful, new solution to these challenges: Ethertronics’ Air InteRFace Processing System™ technology. The white paper will start with basic definitions of radiation patterns, multipath, diversity, etc. for a better understanding of antennas. The paper will then give an overview of the Air InteRFace Processing System technique and its benefits. To prove the technology, an implementation with an access point will be shown along with test results from measurements performed over more than 6 months. Results show that throughput can be increased almost 50% using the technique.

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