Dielectric Resonators for Oscillators and Filters

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  • Author: John Deriso
The least expensive DROs, typically used in security alarms, are “free-running”, meaning the frequency is determined primarily by the DR which might be mounted (glued) directly on a thin substrate with the rest of the oscillator circuit. For higher stability, such as satellite receiver applications, the DR can be raised above the substrate with an inexpensive “support”. The most frequency-stable, lowest phase-noise oscillators might be electronically “locked” to a reference oscillator. It is important for Skyworks’ Trans-Tech subsidiary to know the actual application, so we can balance the choice of materials vs. performance. We need to know the DROs’ frequency, whether free-running or phase-locked, the customer’s choice of substrate thickness, cavity size (which we can suggest), temperature range and allowable frequency drift over the temperature range.
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