LTE and Bluetooth in-device coexistence with WLAN

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  • Author: Deltev Liebl, Bemhard Schulz
Modern mobile phones can support cellular and noncellular wireless communications standards at the same time. A mobile can communicate with hands-free equipment via Bluetooth® or with a computer or a router via WLAN during GSM, UMTS or LTE calls. The requirement for various radio systems to operate with antennas in close proximity to one another is called "in-device coexistence, Simultaneous collocation of various radio systems is a longstanding issue, and international frequency plans and limits for RF leakage into other frequency domains provide especially good organization in this area. A new aspect, however, has been introduced by the sometimes very close proximity of various antennas and feed systems in modern mobile phones (or automotive communication modules and tablets, for example). The effects of transmit signals on other receivers are unavoidably many times greater than is the case with individual spatially separated devices.
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