LTE-A Base Station Performance Tests

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  • Author: Bemhard Schulz
Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks or Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (EUTRA) (from Releases 8 and 9) have long since been introduced into daily usage. As a next step, 3GPP has added several extensions in Release 10, known as LTEAdvanced (LTE-A). These include a multicarrier aggregation option, changes to MIMO (up to 8x8 in the downlink and introduction of MIMO in the uplink), An overview of the technology behind LTE and LTE-Advanced is provided in Application Note 1MA111. The LTE-A conformance tests for base stations (eNodeB) are defined in 3GPP TS 36.141 Release 10 [1] and include transmitter (Tx), receiver (Rx) and performance (Px) tests. T&M instruments from Rohde & Schwarz can be used to perform all tests easily and conveniently. This application note describes the performance tests in line with TS36.141 Chapter 8. It explains the necessary steps in manual operation for vector signal generators. A free remote-operation software program is additionally provided. With this software, users can remotely control and demo tests on base stations quickly and easily. It also provides the SCPI commands required to implement each test in user-defined test programs
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